We enjoyed playing Paris, the French love live music so much and each show just became more magical. Thank you Paris, we love you!!

We did a video there for the new song “Paris Streets” that is being edited right now. We will post it soon!

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Paris in September

We look forward to seeing you in Paris with us!

Monday 7th of September: aux petits joueurs (19th of Paris )
59 Mouzaïa Street – 75019 Paris, Tel. : 01 42 41 23 80

Wednesday  9th: au café des sports (11th of Paris)
94 Rue de Ménilmontant, Paris, Tel.: 01 46 36 48 18,

Thursday 10th: à la Grosse Mignonne (Montreuil East )
56 Rue Carnot, 93100 Montreuil, Tel.: 01 42 87 54 51
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New Band getting ready to record

I’m very excited about playing with my new band, Robert Holmes on guitar, Josef Kaspar on double bass and Senan Robinson on drums.  We go into the studio next week and we are rehearsing all the new songs for the new album right now!  It’s wonderful to be playing with  such talented musicians.

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Jacqueline Kroft by Amelia Troubridge

When I met Amelia I was very impressed by her extraordinary character. I was enchanted by her passionate approach to life. We spent a day in the Cotswolds shooting and the Chadwick family invited us into Lypiatt Park to shoot this photo. Amelia lent me her dress, that with the long white room with the white chair, she captured this. I have always loved her work and I will post all the photo’s we did together over the next few weeks in celebration of her new book “Joan of Arc had Style” that was launched and exhibited at the Design Museum, London, last month. Now that was one party!

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Just because Spring is in the air and Easter is coming, I am releasing the Sidcup Girl video to get us in the mood. Alice in Wonderland and the Mad Hatter should do the trick. I have been doing the Lent thing and giving up sugar except of course when I am invited to tea and there is a freshly baked Victoria Sponge offered. Life is a series of choices some say. We’ve just uploaded Sidcup Girl onto youtube and the cool Canadian CBC site. I was really enjoying the music there this morning. I am also uploading an older PR shot that I never used, silly me. This is another great example of the photographer Taffi Rosen Laing. I have always loved working with Taffi, she pushes herself hard to make her subject look unusual and interesting. So thanks Taff! Bye for now and a big hug to you all. Have a walk barefoot in the grass and daffodils unless you are in east Canada right at the moment, then keep the boots on.


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Skating Through

It’s almost Valentines Day, January skated by somehow. I recorded four new songs with piano and voice and now I’m getting ready to work with the rhythm section. Let’s see what happens. xx

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Jacqueline Kroft – Seasons Greetings

Just before Christmas and so many things to do and as I was tidying up I found older press photo’s, some of which I have never used.  So for fun I am going to post them over the next few weeks.  I haven’ t been very communicative this year as I have been in writing mode.  I am rather enjoying this solitude and introspective time and I am pleased with the writing process.  This time around there is a flow and how can I say, I don’t seem to know where it is coming from.  That is the part about music that I love so much, the unknowing, the unexpected, the magic.

A Robin decided to come into the house and he perched himself on the kitchen chair and then had some of the breakfast leftovers.  He came back three times,  in three days, I so enjoyed his company.  The last time his partner sat on the window frame outside demanding he return and the music that came from them both was so melodic.  I didn’t know that Robins had such a song.

I figure that is a good way to enter the Christmas season and so I wish you all health and happiness now and for 2015.

Much love,



Photo by Taffi Rosen Laing

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Dear Friends,

Back from Canada visiting the folks, the vast terrain, the wild blueberries and grand rock formations.

The news, the chance to talk with my parents about grandparents, stories of grandfather fighting in the trenches, these all brought thoughts to me of the world condition today. Will we ever have Peace?

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Concert for the opening of SVA’s Open Studio’s

A note for your diaries, we are very happy to be playing for the SVA, launch party for the Open Studios this Friday, May 9th, around 8pm at the Ale House, 9 John Street, Stroud GL5 2HA. Our bassist Will has to write his exams at Uni ( yikes ) so we are very lucky to have Saffron Young bringing her illustrious self and her wonderful double bass. Looking forward to seeing your smiling faces and to be part of this great art event!

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The New Video for Woven

We have just completed this video which is a love song for my late husband, Geoffrey Burgon. He wrote the string section a few months before he passed away. This song, his strings, my piano and voice, his love, Woven into my life.

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