Have a listen to Woven here!

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Woven is now on Spotify

Hi everyone,

While we are preparing to release Living with a Ghost, we have just put Woven on Spotify! I will be featuring all my favourite tracks on this album here this week and next, so come and have a listen and enjoy.

Josef Reeve and I worked on this together. Josef is the coolest arranger and programmer and he made my piano songs really come alive.

Here is “Me and my Dog and my Shadow”. I wrote this one sunny winter morning as I was walking the dog! Yes, it’s true, I actually was shooting my silly shoes with my phone when I noticed the long winter shadows that Simeon and I were making along the English country hedgerows. So for all you walking the dog this chilly cold morning, here’s a tune for you.

Now on Spotify

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Video peek at Come Back

Here is a clip of the new video that we are working on at the moment for Come Back, the second song on “Living with a Ghost”. I used chiffon to blow in the wind inside Castle Comberg and on the beaches of Brittany. White for the castle and black for the beaches, ghost for the castle and a widow for the beaches. Loïc and I were so lucky with the weather, an Indian Summer!

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Living with a Ghost

I was going to release the new album Living with a Ghost last month, but due to a family matter, I put a brake on the release date so that I could be with them.

In the meantime, I felt that preparing the second video for the album for the song Come Back, would be a good therapy. So we filmed on the beaches of the Brittany Coast and at Castle Comberg, the home of François-Rene Chateaubriand. Loïc suggested we use this location because of Chateaubriand’s work Memoirs from Beyond the Tomb. It was a special experience being in this Chateau after reading his memoirs because he described his childhood there with such detail and warmth. As I went into each room, his life as a child played in front of me like a 3D movie. Chateaubriand went to Canada and America in 1791 because of the Revolution, I found this quite compelling since I grew up in Canada. He described the Indians there with such respect and refined detail that I felt I finally had the chance to know how beautiful and powerful a Native Indian was at that time.

Here I am at the Chateau, photo by Loïc.

I want to thank all of you for your patience and I will endeavour to have the release dates and tour ready for you as soon as I can.

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Back with a new single to be released in September 2016

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Jo Kasper recording the Saw for Paris Streets

Jo came up with the idea for the Saw in Paris Streets and this is him getting ready to try it out. It sounded perfect in the track and is an important part of the song now. Paris Streets is now ready for release and I will let you know when we have it up for you to hear.

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We are finishing the new album ” Living with a Ghost ” and the first single has just been mixed. While we are preparing for the release I thought I would review one of my older pieces for you while you wait.

I found this wonderful footage of Sun Ra’s dancers and musicians and they seemed to be dancing to Light. So here is some Light for you in the dreary dark month of February. However, it is soon to be Valentines Day, so let us dance.

Available on iTunes on the Tronic Elect Album, just click the album cover below!

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The Age of 69

This has been a sad week, two great artists dying, both David Bowie and Alan Rickman being only 69. John Tavener and Geoffrey Burgon also died at 69 years of age. Is there this internal clock that makes people die at a certain age, I’m wondering, is it certain lifestyles, like being an artist? It just puzzles me that these four artists died recently at this age.

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Diten Vadher

We would like to send our condolences and respect to Diten Vadher’s family and friends. Diten was an exceptional engineer and had a great future in front of him. His passing is such a loss for us and all musicians. We are so sorry, we will miss you Diten.

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Concert at the George Tavern November 24th 2015 8pm

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